Testimonials and Reviews

“For years we’ve judged football and football people without the analytical tools to do it properly. Finally a book that attempts to do so intelligently. Hopefully a harbinger of more to come!”
Gabriele Marcotti

“An ingenious and intelligent look beneath the surface to reveal what the headlines too often don’t tell us. Fascinating.”
Jonathan Wilson

“Golddust analysis”
John Sinnott, Senior broadcast journalist at BBC Sport Interactive

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“If you really want to know what has happened to the Premier League over its 18-year history, and why so many people have become disgusted by its rapacity and selfishness, I urge you to seek out a copy of Pay As You Play. ... [Football analysis] is best left to the professionals, like the admirable Mr Tomkins.”
Daily Telegraph

"Another triumph of impeccable research, Pay As You Play brings much-needed factual insight to a discussion previously dominated by half-truths"
Oliver Kay, Senior Football Correspondent for the Times

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